BYU Numbers Heading into the Post-Season

We have to wait until tomorrow to see exactly where BYU will end up but it’s safe the say the Cougars still have some basketball to play. Below are some charts showing how BYU is doing in the post-season and in neutral games this season.

What stands out to me:

1. BYU’s 3-point shooting slump so far this post-season. The Cougars finished out the regular season shooting 19-36 in their final two games. In the last three games they are shooting 6-35.

2. BYU’s assists and rebounding in the post-season. BYU is averaging more than 8 fewer rebounds in the post-season than in the regular season, but also more than 5 more rebounds in the same stretch.

3. BYU’s offensive production is worse in neutral games than it is in away games. Shooting percentages are down in all categories except free throws. Assist and points are also down. As a result, BYU’s offensive rating is almost 5 points worse in neutral games (102.8) as it is in away games (107.5). Surprising, considering BYU’s best win of the season (Texas) came on a neutral court.

<NOTE: Click on the images to see the interactive chart.>

Regular Season Games: 31
Post Season Games: 3



Home Games: 15
Away Games: 12
Neutral Games: 7